System and Virtual Columns

Katmandoo stores data using two distinct field types, system columns and virtual columns (factors).

System columns are built into the underlying Katmandoo database structure. Because these fields are defined within the database schema, their column name, data type and length cannot be altered. Their caption, description and validation options can be customised. This allows for validation rules to be applied to any column within the system. Changing the column caption allows system columns to be repurposed if the original column is not required.

Virtual Columns are defined by the user. Virtual columns allow the addition of additional columns to tables within katmandoo without changing the underlying database structure, enabling storage fields specific to projects. Virtual columns have the same field options as system columns but allow greater flexibility.

Column Fields

When creating new System and Virtual columns, comes with the following fields

Field nameDescription
ColumnNameThis field is for storing a unique name for either system or Virtual Column in the database
Examples: TrialId (System), GenotypeName (System), OrganisationType (Virtual)
ColumnCaptionThis field is for storing a unique, short descriptive name for either a System or Virtual Column in the database
Examples: Trial Id (System), Geno Name (System), OrgTyp (Virtual)
ColumnDescriptionThe full text description for the System or Virtual Column
Examples: Identification Number that uniquely identifies a Trial (System),
The Type of organisation (Virtual)
TableNameOfColumnThe name of the table that the system or virtual column is for
Examples: TrialFactor, GenotypeFactor, OrganisationFactor
ColumnDataTypeThe Data type of the System or Virtual Column
Examples: Decimal, String, Integer
CanColumnHaveNullThis field specifies if this column is allowed to have null values
Examples: True (It can have null values), False (It cannot have null values)
ColumnValueMinLengthThe minimum length for the value of the column
Examples: 0, 2, 10
ColumnValueMaxLengthThe maximum length for the value of the column
Examples: 4, 16, 20
ColumnUnitThe unit for the column
Examples: Text, g, mm, Barcode, Count
IsSystemColumnThe field in the database that specifies whether or not the column is a system or virtual column. This value cannot be changed by a user.
Examples: True (It is a System Column), False (It is a virtual column)

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